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October 13th, 2011

In Real Life 3- New Season, New Site

So you’ve been watching In Real Life on YTV Monday’s at 7pm. You love the show but you can’t help but think, “Man, i could do all this stuff! I could beat all those challengers! I am the best person ever created in the history of time*!”

First of all, take it easy. There’s a blurry line between confidence and cockiness and although i fully support your belief in self- there’s no denying that Willow Smith is the BPECHT*.

Second of all, put your web-browser where your inner-thoughts are! Play Race To The Finish at for a chance to face off against your favourite challenger in an In Real Life webisode!

Our site has been polished, plus-sized and pimped this season. Race to the Finish also has a mobile app (what?!) so you can earn points on the go. Play hard, play safe and play well, my friends…I just may be seeing you soon.

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