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September 12th, 2010

Dear Diary

I’ve counted. I officially have 117 Facebook friends who have taken Justin Bieber’s last name as their own. Some as young as eight, nine years old and a select (read: creepy) few, well into their forties.

I can only conclude that Bieber is the cutest polygamous on the planet.

It shocks me that so many parents stood back and allowed their not-even-close-to-legal children enter matrimony with the 13 year old playa’. I mean, sure he’s a millionaire, but your daughter still has trouble spelling the word “millionaire”.

For the older wives with Bieber Fever, I can’t imagine how awkward it was meeting your tweenage husband’s parents for the first time and still feel like the oldest person in the room.

My favourite are the teenage boys whose profile pictures are Jusin’s face with photoshopped hearts around it. Congratulations. You’ve figured it out. It takes some men a failed marriage and several Queer As Folk reruns; you found the Bieber loop hole.

The awkward part for me is gonna be breaking the news to these devoted husbands and wives, “Your man’s a cheater”. But it’s not like I can go on keeping it a secret- we’re friends on Facebook.

Sabrina hosts the second season of In Real Life premiering at 7pm October 4th on YTV. Watch it or ruin your chances of friendship with her, you decide.

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