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September 17th, 2010

Dear Diary

I know my move to New York was a career investment, but if another week passes without a single gaggle of preteens stopping me on the street wondering if I’m “that girl from that show”, I’m gonna have to head home. Can you blame me*? In Canada, between my stint on Much Music and YTV’s soon-to-premiere second season of In Real Life I’m totally fame-ish.

*Of course you can’t, you’re my diary. Your job is merely to listen without judgment and avoid being burnt to death or stolen by Jalees-revenge-seekers.

There’s a misconception that performer’s don’t like being recognized. Not me. Having a brace-faced tween point me out in a restaurant gives me the same feeling a dancer gets when she lands a perfect pirouette or a popstar gets when she finally sleeps with the right producer.

So until my next visit home, I’ll continue locking eyes with my target demographic on NYC transit, lifting my eyebrows up and down with a goofy face, hoping, nay- praying that they too say the word “about” the way it was meant to be pronounced.

Sabrina hosts the second season of In Real Life premiering at 7pm October 4th on YTV. Watch it or gain a lot of weight, you decide.

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