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September 22nd, 2010

Dear Diary

I’m standing by you. A lot of my friends have been trying to pressure me into turning to Twitter with my most inner thoughts, but I ain’t takin’ the bait.

First of all, you’re an old friend. I’m not sucking up to you but you come from a long generation of listeners. I’m sure the coolest people in history carried paper journals. If you asked Elvis what his latest tweet was, you know what he’d do? He’d hit you in the face with his diary*.

*I heard he had a temper.

But it’s not just your past, Di-ah, it’s more. When I tell you something it’s private**. If I used Twitter as the outlet for my feelings- the entire world would know that I electrolysize my beard, I’m afraid of heights and that I still haven’t gotten past that time Devon Smith called me Monkey Boobies in grade 6.

**Unless, of course, I continue posting my entries my website.

So from now on when friends belittle me for carrying a pen and a you along, I’ll tell them to eat poop… in 140 characters or less.

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