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September 18th, 2010

Dear Diary

Often times when I pompously start an un called for Q and A session at the end of my stand up shows, I get the same query: “Sabrina, you host the hit television series In Real Life, Tyra Banks is also the host of a popular show that people love to watch…what do you guys not have in common?!”

And I’ve thought about it:

Hair: Tyra banks has long, sleek hair so shiny that you can catch your reflection in it. I have a shaved head and wear a “Jonas Brothers’ Style” wig I bought from a discount Halloween store.

General Attitude: When Tyra Banks kicks someone off America’s Next Top Model, she is cold and unaffected. When I eliminate kids from In Real Life, I’m so busted I take a doctor-prescribed week off of production to visit a self esteem rehabilitation clinic in Muskoka.

Eyes: My eyes are brown with a hue of hazel. Tyra’s eyes are brown with a hue of crazy.

Sabrina hosts the second season of In Real Life premiering at 7pm October 4th on YTV. Watch it or have crazy in YOUR eyes, you decide.

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