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July 6th, 2011

Another Season, Another Adventure…

If you’re bummed on the lack of upcoming stand-up shows, don’t be. I mean do be- cause my stand up is a life changing, weight-lossing experience BUT I’m busy harvesting episodes of the 3rd season of YTV’s In Real Life! (I guess the proper term is “shooting” but i’m really into agriculture) This year i’m not only hosting BUT i’m writing and associate producing the series. There are twists, there are turns and there are some INSANELY competitive and hilarious challengers…it all airs in September…for sneak peak pics of my adventures and outfits keep checking my bloggy.

Sincerely yours,

Blogina Jablog

P.S. Here’s a pic of me recording lines for the animatronic Japanime-Sab that pops up on!

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